[ISEA94] Wolfgang Strauss, Christian Bohn & Monika Fleischmann – The Dice Time of the Dynamic Space




Face of the Body / Interactivity

The process of visual thinking does not only involve the eyes and the brain, but also the whole body. The body supplies spatial experience that is subsequently translated into reality by the hand. ” The hand is the exterior brain of man” (Immanuel Kant). Hand, body and eyes are the interfaces in the process of perception. The identification with the computer as a ‘second self’ (Sherry Turkle) can be explained by the active control through special interfaces. The invention of intuitive interfaces – immersive or not immersive – is one topic of our work. Our special contribution is the development of imagination machines, where performers can actively be involved in the creative process of a new work. As media artists and computer scientists we take the chance to work with expensive high powered equipment. Developing prototypes to explore their technical possibilities we discover the cognitive and philosophical implications of interactive virtual environments.