[ISEA94] Artist Statement: Nina Pope – Herbaceous Protection, Unconscious, Bloom, Keepsake

Artist Statement

My work is rooted on computers and concerned with the idea of landscape. This is viewed in a broad sense, including imagined and real, external and internal, photographic and pictorial, existing and virtual spaces. I have become very interested in the play between these different types of environment and the effect the new dimension of computer space can have on our changing perception of real space and conventional representations of pictorial space.

  • Nina Pope Trained as a Fine Artist specialising in print-making in Scotland. Worked for a time in a printworkshop before coming to London to do her MA at Chelsea College of Art, where her interest in computers began. Her work is concerned with perceptions of spaces real and imagined and is often based around garden imagery. Currently teaching computing for the Bartlett School of Architecture,University College London