[ISEA2008] Artists Statement: Andreas Schlegel & Vladimir Todorovic (Syntfarm) – SYNTBOUTIQUE

Artists Statement

On this occasion, Syntfarm focuses on bringing you a glimpse of an alternative lifestyle. SYNTBOUTIQUE is a specialized showroom that collects recipes, methods, myths and platforms for sustainable lifestyles that we are not used to. In SYNTBOUTIQUE, you will be able to interact with fantastical allegories through videos and rapidly prototyped replicas of objects, tools and landscapes that are found and used by people who don’t have access to information technologies, electricity and mass media, and are still living in a mutually beneficial relationship with their surroundings. The historical, anthropological, functional, and aesthetical values of these found objects, along with their alive-ness and complexity, are reduced to a series of pure singular expressions. This occurs as they are fabricated into the raw synthetic forms of rapid prototypes. The singular structures and layers of the transformed artifacts can help us to see and get closer to experiencing the use of human-appropriated objects from nature.

One of the main aims of SYNTBOUTIQUE is to promote and encourage sustainable living. Syntfarm hopes to be able to initiate a lively dialogue between visitors to the showroom and the artifacts displayed. All the commodified objects from SYNTBOUTIQUE are fabricated with the best quality materials found on market today and are the first step in establishing consumers’ trust and support.

Collaborating with NUS Environmental Research Institute. The artists would like to thank the School of Art, Design and Media (NTU), NUS Environmental Research Institute (NERI) and LASALLE College of the Arts.

  • Syntfarm  is a media art collective founded by Andreas Schlegel (Germany/Singapore) & Vladimir Todorovic (Serbia/Singapore) in April 2007 in Singapore. The group focuses on the preservation of expressions and structures that are found in various dynamic (eco)systems.   syntfarm.org