[ISEA2008] Roger Ferragallo – Interactive On-Line Exhibition of Massive 546 Million Pixel Mural With Gigapan Tools



Proposal to present a massive 546 million pixel painting (mural) involving interactive audience participation, in real time, utilizing a computer and LCD screen of appropriate size. This comes as a result of having recently (October 2, 2007) uploaded the digital painting, “Cosmic Tree Of Life”, 4 years in the making, to The Global Connection Project created by Carnegie Mellon University and Gigapan,in partnership with Google Earth, NASA Ames and National Geographic. This painting is the first of it’s kind, ever, Fine Art demonstration accepted by these organizations on their global network. As such the painting is now being exhibited, on line, interactively and globally and is best demonstrated live by going to the following url posted 11-7-07: (http://www.mmdnewswire.com:80/massive-546-million-pixel-2527.html)

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