[ISEA2008] Panel: Luís Silva – Folksonomies as Social Curating: The I tag you tag me Exhibition Case

Panel Statement

I tag you tag me: a folksonomy of internet art is an ongoing project developed in 2007, specifically for Viennabased CONT3XT.NET’s project TAGallery. The point of departure for this exhibition was assuming tagging (within the context of internet art) to be curating, or more specifically, social curating. The concept of tagging as curating is derivative of a previous project, Source Code, which addressed the issue of blogging as curating.

A tag is a relevant (meaningful) term assigned to information, in this particular case an artwork, describing it and allowing its categorization. Tags are generally chosen informally and subjectively by the author and/or by the community it addresses. Social tagging, through softwares such as del.icio.us (I tag you tag me assumes the form of a del.icio.us account) allows for the creation of metadata, or folksonomies, where a new layer of meaning is socially constructed and shared.

  • Luís Silva, Curatorial Fellow, Rhizome Curator, LX 2.0 project, USA

Full text (PDF) p.  493