[ISEA2008] Paper: Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang – audio-visual realtime computer system: The Colours Of A Wooden Flute


This is a concept of a composition/improvisation with the audiovisual interactive computer system created by the authors in the graphical programming environment Max Msp Jitter. Instruments are played in the style of contemporary composition/ improvisation. The computer system consists of a pitch and dynamic detection, real time visual processes and a live multichannel granular synthesis with advanced controlling and performing methods. All computing devices, the audio detection, the visual and the audio processing are linked via a wireless Lan to reciprocally influence each other.

The sound of live instruments serves as an interface in an audiovisual interactive concert that merges acoustic instrumental sound and real-time computing in an improvisation. In the combination of intuitive improvisation and real-time computing, we want to create a synaesthetical artwork in which all audio and visual parts are equally contributing. While visual images and processes are being generated during the concert, a multichannel granular synthesis fits together minute tonal particles that make up the instrumental sounds into a constantly changing acoustic stream made up of different pitches, duration and positions in the electro-acoustic space. The musical and visual components interact and reciprocally influence each other in order to blend into a unique, synaesthetic, improvisational work of art.

  • Andreas Weixler, Art University Linz; Interface Culture, Institute of Media Atelier Avant Austria, Composition & Media Arts / Bruckner-University, Institute of Composition and Institute of Jazz and Improvised Music, Austria
  • Se-Lien Chuang, Atelier Avant Austria, Composition & Media Arts, Austria

Full text (PDF) p.  456-458