[ISEA2008] Paper: Constantinos Stratoudakis – Applications of the Soundscape Reconstruction (SR) Technology in Acoustic Ecology Research, Education and Entertainment


Introduction                                                                                                                                                The Soundscape Reconstructor (SR) is a new technology first announced in the International Symposium of the Society of Music and the Computing on June 2007 (SMC07)1 by the author and Dr. K. Papadimitriou. SR allows the reconstruction of the Soundscape of a given study area and takes advantage of a sampling methodology developed by a research of the Greek Society of Acoustic Ecology which was supported by three major Greek universities (Ionian, Aristotle and Crete) and the EEC program “Pythagoras”. One of the characteristics of SR is its capability to be used as the engine for the realization of a series of interactive installations with educational, entertaining and artistic purposes. The addition of motion tracking technologies to the SR system for the extraction of the coordinates of a user moving in a virtual map (usually projected or printed on the floor of a virtual space) resulted in a series of installations based on SR, the typical structure of which we will present here.

  • Constantinos Stratoudakis, Department of Music Studies, Ionian University, Corfu, Greece

Full text (PDF) p.  427-428