[ISEA2008] Slavko Kacunko – M.A.D. Media Art Database(s) and the Challenges of Curatorship


The paper presents the actual development of the M.A.D. Media Art Database, that is to be launched 2008 as an information system and sharing platform on media art practice, history and theory.

The structure of the M.A.D. Media Art Database is geared to enable a network of relevant data on various servers, thus offering instruments for effective searches, automatic indexing and arranging elements into groups. The starter module for the M.A.D. Media Art Database is an archive representing some 8.000 media artists/practitioners and authors, allowing the work and ‘play’ with the permanently refining cross-references. These cross-references are becoming the powerful tool for posing the semantic questions and therefore for formulating the new perspectives concerning the existing topics, including the generating of the new subjects of interdisciplinary research.