[ISEA2008] Mikael Scherdin – Framed Reality



As an artist in new media and researcher in social science, I want to make an individual artist presentation and present a paper of a dual research process aimed for developing new artistic methods by studying my own art process. It is a practitioner based art research process focusing on real time art – live aesthetics, and the study of it, with an autoethnographic method, developing new artistic methods, on subjective grounds, while working.

Historically, many artists (e.g. Braque; Rauschenberg), have challenged mainstream, conventions and even started philosophic debates around what is real, what is a painting, and even who is an artist. Now, again, as for hundred years ago, new technologies and the Internet, have opened up for a similar shift in challenging what is real, authentic and who is an artist. They challenged their mainstream, illustrating the question by using newspapers, debris from the street, glued on traditional canvas, instead of a real photo, a real painting or being a real educated artist. In my practitioner based art research process I take a similar position, but a focus on; real, real-time, presence and authentic.
Using my Internet based real-time-collages, I reflect on possibilities of reality beyond or even opposed to post modern concept (e.g. Baudrillard, 1981, 1986; Eco, 1973) like hyper reality or authentic fake. I will present examples as well as a (scientific) paper, on my dual research process; my use of autoethnography as a subjectively based method, the Internet as the ethnographic art research-object, and show my research process of developing new methods on subjective ground, using my own art object and process. In the dual research process, I am looking for metaphors, concepts; develop a vocabulary as well as a visual appearance, for a subjective framed reality – a subjective time and space.


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