[ISEA2008] Artists Talk: Russell Richards & Maurice Owen – KikiT VisuoSonic Performance

Artists Statement

KikiT VisuoSonic Performance involves the live interaction and generation of sonics and visuals in a performance space. KikiT challenges the notion of interface by fusing sonics anbd visuals together through a positive feedback loop. The group are concerned with interrogating the relationships between liveness, play, interactivity and the inter-play between sonics and visuals in real-time. ‘Synaesthesia’, ‘visual music’, ‘painting music’ and ‘chromatic music’ investigations together with new theories regarding ‘interactivity’ provide conceptual tools for the development a theory of digital live performance – the synthesis of sonics and visuals.

  • Russell Richards (UK) Senior Lecturer in Media Studies, Solent University   creadm.solent.ac.uk/Staff/Profiles/Russell%20Richards.aspx
  • Maurice Owen (UK) was a student at Portsmouth College of Art, a Mombusho Scholar at Tokyo University of Fine Arts and a research fellow at Nottingham Trent Polytechnic. He is currently professor of visual arts at Southampton Solent University, where he is director of the Centre for Research and Enterprise in Art, Design and Media and the Centre for Research in the School of Media Arts and Technology.                                            solent.ac.uk/staff-profiles/academic-profiles/maurice-owen/maurice-owen