[ISEA2008] Artists Talk: Leon Tan, Antti Saario & Amanda Newall – Reality Jockeying in an age of Social Media: Moving across the virtual – actual continuum

Artists Statement

In our proposed aesthetic research project, we investigate contemporary mixed realities through innovative performance and artistic activities both on site (at the workshop) and online (MySpace). Specifically, we act as reality jockeys (RJs) working directly with the production, consumption and distribution of contemporary media, sound and the ‘sensible’ itself through social media technologies such as MySpace and Eyespot, and digital media production tools (sound recording, laptops, software, cameras).

  • Leon Tan Falmouth University, UK
  • Antti Saario (Finland) is a contemporary electroacoustic composer and academic. Falmouth University, UK   en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antti_Sakari_Saario
  • Amanda Newall  (Aotearoa/New Zealand)  is lecturer Fine Art, Lancaster Institute of Contemporary Art, Lancaster University, UK                amandanewall.com/biography.html