[ISEA2008] Paper: Jan Torpus & Deanna Herst – LIVING-ROOM2: domesticating the multiverse


The research “project living-room2” is an ironic take on consumer culture. It consists of a physical living room decorated with familiar furniture and objects from daily life: a white couch, a cabinet, a mirror, reminders of IKEA interior design. Wearing a HMD (Head Mounted Display) and carrying a handheld device, visitors can interact with the space and furniture interfaces, selecting different narratives and landscapes.

  • Jan Torpus,¬†Institute for Research in Art and Design, Academy of Art and Design, UAS Northwestern,¬†Switzerland, Basel CH
  • Deanna Herst (Netherlands),¬†Willem de Kooning Academy, University of Applied Sciences, Rotterdam, NL

Full text (PDF) p. 221-223