[ISEA2008] Greg Schiemer – Pocket Gamelan: performing with mobile devices


For ISEA2008, I propose a program of works to be played by an ensemble of sixteen players using Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones. Each phone is pre-programmed as a client in a wireless network of musical instruments called the Pocket Gamelan. The Pocket Gamelan is conceived as a set of musical instruments for ensemble performance. The instruments are easy to play, quick to learn and designed as software for generic technology.

In performance, some players use phones as flying sound sources which other players control using phones as hand-held remote control devices. Phones are mounted in fabric pouches and attached to nylon cords approximately 2 metres long. In performance, players use cords to swing phones thereby producing Doppler-shift as sound sources move, or use phones as hand-held devices to modify flying sound sources.

Pocket Gamelan works have been presented in various places internationally between 2005 and 2007.

Greg Schiemer (Australia) Biography

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