[ISEA2008] Paper: Georg Russegger – SMARTJECT: Creative Delineationpractices of Human-Mediated Selforganization in Polylogic-Cooperative Cultures of Interactivity


The theory-model “Smartject” describes a new global type of human individuality, emerging through media- and communication technologies, net-mediated space, instantaneous information-streams and pervasive digital infrastructures. By adding the prefix “smart” to the suffixes of subject, object and project the term “Smartject” describes a new way of human knowledge-transformation by modeling the complexity of today’s media realities with smart and adaptive ability-profiles of individual self organization.

This presentation is based on the research for my dissertation-thesis about creative delineation-processes in proto-social and proto-cultural fields of digital-media related art, media-theory and media-production in Europe, Japan and the USA. Within this short outline I want to point out some theoretical threats about near future-previews of mediacultures and “Networked Societies” (Castells, 2001). Triggered by communication- and media specific reality-shifts, new forms of “Cultural Programs” (Schmidt, 2003) have been created and established within a paradigm of digitally-networked and “vireal” (virtual/real­­) locative dispositions. In this case artistic projects and communities often play a key role as early adopting “Prototopes” and experimental test-environments within cultural development. The parameters can be observed through communication-based interdependencies between environmental-, artifact- and participant-structures. Under the perspective of liquefied, informational and dissipative net-virtualities, traditional “subject / object distinctions” are no longer arbitrative for the maintenance of communication processes. They rather (re-) assemble formations of human and non-human counterparts and thereby configure an exclusive internal- / external-relationship.
These progressive movements are shifting the forms of human cooperation and transform the vectors of creative development. Hereby the model “Smartject” is specified through multiple individual ability-profiles and project-identities, under the conditions of information- and media technological transformations. Above all, these transformations are concerning the informational and social connectivities and commitments of humankind. This requirements are forcing endurable creative self-transformations of individuals and organizations within the rising complexity-fields of media environments. Within this vectors the type of the “creative” is more and more applied in cultural industries, knowledge work, self-design, etc. and increasingly is becoming a major role model for post-contemporary development-structures.

  • Georg Russegger Ph.D. (Austria) Media- and Communication theory, M.A. (University of applied Arts Vienna), Researcher at the Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Japan

Full text (PDF) p.  390-392