[TISEA] VNS Matrix – All New Gen


The ALL NEW GEN images presented for TISEA are the first part of a work in progress towards an interactive installation. ALL NEW GEN critiques a highly influential form of technology the ‘Gameboy’ hand held computer games, originally developed by the Japanese company Nintendo. ‘Gameboys’ have been on the market now for several years, gaining immense popularity with children and (in particular) adolescent boys. In the ‘Gameboy’ worlds exemplified by Nintendo’s Donkey Kong and Super Mario and Sega’s Sonic Hedgehog the rationale is simple here is a hero and an enemy (or more precisely, a hero who engages with multiple manifestations of enemies and hazards).


Virginia Barratt (Australia) Biography
Francesca da Rimini (Australia) Biography
Julianne Pierce (Australia) Biography
Josephine Starrs (Australia) Biography

Full text (PDF)