[ISEA94] Artist Statement: Elena Popa & Troy Innocent — Nano in News SOS

Artist Statement

Duration 1′

As a nano you are born into a world of information which you must explore and find meaning within. You are an electronic life form on the other side of reality. A world of knowbots, icons, numbers and databases – your body has the EAT AN ICON system installed, allowing you to eat computer icons and assimilate information through your digestive tract. You know little of your origins or the reasons of your existence. So you venture through the world attempting to answer the question WHO IS IN CONTROL?

  • Elena Popa, Australia. Her innovative computer animation work has been exhibited internationally, and she is also involved with electronic based hypermedia and performance projects with CyberDada, including the recent “Techno Digesto Fetishism” project. She also  lectures in 2D and 3D computer graphics, maintains a professional multimedia practice, and regularly exhibits her electronic art in gallery exhibitions.
  • Troy Innocent, Australia. Since 1989, Troy Innocent has been employing techniques of freeform mutation with computers to create experimental electronic art which has been exhibited internationally. Idea-ON>! is one in a series of hypermedia projects Troy has produced independently to explore the developing language of the new media. He continues to work with the group CyberDada, conceived in 1989, on performance,  installation, and video projects, the most recent project being Techno Digesto Fetishism. troyinnocent.frb.io