[ISEA94] Artist Statement: Milla Moilanen – Deep

Artist Statement

A computer animation, which deals with the perception of visible reality, spectator interpretation and the reliability of the image. The work questions old frases like “I don’t believe until I see it” or “I believe it because I saw it with my own eyes”. Deep is a collage of images based on movement and the tension between them. The evolving story exists both in reality and fiction studying the limits of seeing through different processes.

Kroma Production/Finland. SGI Grant. Duration 5′

  • Milla Moilanen graduated form the Design Institute of Lahti (Finland), dept. of fashion design. Since then she has worked with computer graphics, animation and graphic design and produces works for the Finnish Broadcasting Company, Heureka and the Museum of Contemporary Art. av-arkki.fi/artists/milla-moilanen