[TISEA 1992] Artists Statement: Animatica — Postals de Barcelona

Artists Statement


Postals de Barcelona are three animations by Remo Balcells, Rebecca Allen and Javier Mariscal: Barnasaurus, Laberint and Orgiment.

Video: Postals de Barcelona 

  • Animàtica S.A. (Spain), one of the first 3D computer production companies in Europe, created in Barcelona very assorted animations, most of them for commercial purposes (TV openings, ads, industrial and documentaries) and some of them for art. It produced more than 300 animations, some of them awarded: LAUS ADG/FAD (Barcelona, 1986, 1987, 1990), IMAGINA (Montecarlo, 1988), PARIGRAPH (Paris, 1989), LEONARDO (Milano, 1989), INF-ART (Barcelona, 1990), International Film & TV Festival (New York, 1991); VIDEGRAF’91 (Valencia, 1991), VIDEOARCO’92 (Madrid, 1992). With the goal to testify the early times of 3D computer animation -mediterranean version- the web page shows a set of videos produced by Animàtica since its foundation, in 1984, until 1992. For each video there are also shown three frames and the related issue of Noticias, a bulletin which periodically informed about the technical and creative evolution of Animàtica. Xavier Berenguer was cofounder and director of Animàtica during this period. calgran.net/animatica/indexe.htm