[TISEA 1992] Artist Statement: Nicole Stenger — Angels (exerpt)

Artist Statement 

The first immersive Virtual Reality movie.1989-1991. Conceived for vision, audio and touch.

“1992: French-American artist Nicole Stenger releases Angels, the first VR fully immersive movie. Programmed and produced in three years, with work performed in MIT and in the Hitlab in Washington University, Angels was a sort of ‘travelling in paradise’ experience, where users could interact via three senses, vision, audio and touch (though the latter was limited to the simple interaction with the environment, without a specific tactile differentiation of textures and materials), and through two advanced tools of the time: the VPL Dataglove gloves and the HRX goggles. Angels and her subsequent works in both VR and internet in general made Stenger one of the most important female artists of her generation.” _Dario Martinelli, What you See is What you Hear, Springer, 2020

Video: Nicole Stenger ANGELS A Virtual Reality Movie 1989-1991 This is a video recording of the VRML version, with the original models and animations. Vivaldi.music played by USAF Orchestra. 

Excerpt in VR see nicolestenger.com/angelgreen.htm

  • Nicole Stenger (France/USA) Nicole Stenger is a French-born American artist, pioneer in Virtual Reality and Internet movies. In 1989–1991, she was a research Fellow at MIT (CAVS & Visual Arts Program, now merged into ACT). In 1991–1992, she was a Visiting Scholar at the Human Interface Technology Laboratory (Hitlab) in Seattle [source: Wikipedia] nicolestenger.com