[TISEA 1992] Institutional Presentation: Beverly Reiser — What is YLEM

Institutional Presentation Statement

YLEM is a thriving organisation of artists and art lovers who look to science and technology for ideas and inspiration. That particularly mean artists who work with video, ionised gases, computers, lasers, holograms, robotics and other new media. lt also includes artists who use traditional media in new ways.¬†YLEM helps keep members informed of opportunities to show their work in upcoming exhibits, competitions, conferences, etc. It also brings members’ work directly to the public through its own publications, events and exhibits. The membership includes many well-known figures in the arts and sciences, as well as collectors, educators, students, art agents, architects and engineers, physicists and mathematicians. Diverse techno-aesthetic interests are demonstrated every other month at the YLEM Forums. They include presentations by practicing scien-tists who appreciate the aesthetic values within their disciplines, and artists. who enjoy the sci-ence and technology that underlie art. YLEM’s feature annual publication is the Directory of Artists Using Science and Technology. This is a directory of the over two hundred current members of YLEM. The direc-tory brings these artists into contact with cura-tors, art collectors, gallery owners, educators and other artists. YLEM also publishes a monthly newsletter that features short articles about and by members on the tech-art scene. The YLEM newsletter lists the latest information on exhibits, openings, art opportunities, forums, and networking events. This includes visits to studios of creative Bay Area figures in the arts and sciences.

  • Beverly Reiser,¬†YLEM. USA

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