[ISEA2013] Artist Statement: Cat Hope – Sound of Decay (2013)

Artist Statement

Decay can be a sudden, long, visible or invisible process. It may take place across vastly different time scales and or in forms that are difficult for our human senses to comprehend. In Sound of Decay, a computer “listens” to the events inside the desiccator, and creates an audio frequency range we may comprehend. Sound generated by decay is extremely low and soft; inaudible to humans. The desiccator provides an auditorium for the performance, complete with an amplifying stage.

  • Cat Hope is a composer, sound artist, performer and academic. She is a classically trained flautist, self taught vocalist and experimental noise bass player with an active performance profile as a soloist and in music groups. She is the director of the internationally recognised music group Decibel and has toured internationally as a noise artist. Her installations have been show at ISEA (Japan, Tallin), Liquid Architecture, the Totally Huge New Music Festival, the Perth International Arts Festival and in Singapore, USA, Japan and Finland. Cat is currently a researcher at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts at Edith Cowan University.

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