[ISEA2013] Curator Statement: Parramatta City Council – ELECTRIC NIGHTS

Curator  Statement

Electric Nights transforms Parramatta’s River Foreshore with interactive artworks, performances and food. Experience the River at night as the foreshore lights up, bringing together some of the world’s most engaging and thought-provoking artists. Over two evenings, audiences will be captured by striking physical and visual performance and an electronic spectacle. A cross-cultural dining experience through food, film and dance brings the bustling streets of Java to Parramatta. Audiences can interact with a mass of led lit balloons, participate in a kinetic sculpture on bikes to generate energy and watch stilt performers with roaming projection. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience electronic art after sunset on the Parramatta River. ISEA2013 celebrates Parramatta’s commitment to artistic innovation and culture.

  • Parramatta City Council. Parramatta, the city at the heart of Sydney. Western Sydney’s capital has undergone 10 years of rapid growth, and has emerged as a dynamic contemporary city with a busy business and social scene that reflects the cultural diversity of Greater Sydney. Parramatta celebrates the traditions and festivals of the diverse, multicultural community that call this city home.