[ISEA2013] Artists Statement: Christian Clark, Fabrizio Devoto, Pablo Gindel & Tomás Laurenzo – Celebra

Artists  Statement

Possibly ISEA2013’s most beguiling experience! Surrender to beauty and wonder when entering this responsive ‘cloud’. Its creators recommend that participants “walk through the cloud, touch the balloons, avoid cables, contemplate the electronics components at close hand, make noise, and move freely” – but also suggest spending some time standing back and enjoying the cloud as a whole, whilst other visitors trigger interlinked audio and visual responses with their sound and movement, and ‘virtual’ visitors also tinker with the cloud’s coloration. Prepare to be enchanted!   youtube.com/watch?v=CwCzOff9Bbg

  • Tomás Laurenzo is an artist, designer, researcher and engineer. He is as Associate Professor in Computer Science at UDELAR University, and also director of UDELAR’s Medialab, Research Associate of the School of Psychology and Visiting Professor at the School of Architecture. Tomás is also a Research Fellow at Microsoft Research. He holds a Masters of Science, a Computer Engineer degree and a Bachelors in Computer Science degree, and his Masters thesis (ìNew media artî) has been considered a pioneering work in Uruguay. He is a PhD candidate, and has publications in the areas of art, HCI, Software Engineering and Mobile Robotics, while his artworks and performances have been shown and awarded both locally and internationally. Born and based in Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • Christian Clark is an engineer, artist, and musician. He works mainly in the private sector, and as Assistant Professor at the Medialab, School of Engineering, UDELAR University. Christian is currently completing his Masters of Science degree, developing his thesis on Human Computer Interaction and Interaction in Public Places. Born and based in Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • Pablo Gindel is a musician, artist, and an electronics expert. His fields of expertise ranges from robotics, through augmented reality and electronics, to art. Pablo has worked on various projects at UDELAR University, and is Director of MVDRobotics, a company that commercialises Urduino (an implementation of the Arduino hardware distribution). He has also exhibited new media art, including in the Centro Cultural de España in Montevideo, and the National Museum of Visual Arts (MNAV) of Uruguay. Born and based in Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • Fabrizio Devoto is an architect, artist, and musician. He is Director of BAU Architecture studio, an active and promising construction company, and fills his time with crazy artsy projects. Born and based in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Supported by Parramatta City Council, Comisión del Bicentenario, UdelaR and Bondi.