[ISEA2013] Artists Statement: Stalker Theatre – Phosphori

Artists  Statement

Visually stunning, Phosphori’s shimmering images emerge from the darkness with the grace and fluidity of human movement. Images dissolve and reform as the performers sweep across the space, towering above the crowds. Phosphori embraces the world of technology to stunning effect, bringing to the streets a hi-tech performance collaboration between human and machine. These cyborg figures transport us to a future of beauty and grace fed by colour and light.

Performers: Kathryn Puie, Lee-Anne Litton, Rick Everett. Director: David Clarkson. Design: Alejandro Rolandi. Music: Peter Kennard.
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  • Lee-Anne Litton is a performing artist originally from Perth. She is an award-winning gymnast with over nine years’ training, holds the 1994 National Champion title and was selected for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic squad. Lee-Anne is trained in physical theatre, theatrical improvisation, acrobatics, dance and contact improvisation. She has extensive aerial training, specialising in bungee and harness work along with other aerial apparatuses such as tissue, loop and aerial hoop. She has performed nationally and internationally with Legs on the Wall, Opera Australia, Strings Attached, Helium Collective, and also solo. Lee-Anne is a founding member of Strings Attached Physical Theatre Company.
  • Rick Everett is a highly skilled and multi-talented physical theatre and circus performer with specialised skills in tumbling, stilt acrobatics, adagio, trapeze, flying trapeze, fire performance, aerial harness, bungee and specialised movement. Rick has been involved with the creation and development of many touring productions with Australia’s top physical theatre companies, including Legs on the Wall, Stalker Theatre, Opera Australia, Circus Monoxide, Theatre of Image, Dance Circus, Empress Stilts and Strings Attached. He has also worked on the television productions Rove Live, X-factor, Good News World and Everybody Dance Now.
  • Kathryn Puie has performed nationally and internationally with Stalker (NZ, South America, Europe, the UK, Korea and Singapore), Branch Nebula (Brazil and Mobile States tour 08), Spare Parts Puppet Theatre (Perth and Broome), West Australian Opera (Perth), Legs on the Wall (Melbourne), and Theatre of Image (Sydney). She has a BA (Dance) from WAAPA and has extensive experience as a performer in various styles of dance, stilt walking, aerials and puppetry. In 2009 Kathryn choreographed a site-specific dance work performed on the rooftops in Redfern. In 2010 she was part of the first development of Return To The Trees with Strings Attached and Stalker’s Shanghai Lady Killer at the Brisbane Festival.
  • David Clarkson founded Stalker Theatre in Sydney in 1988. Since that time Stalker has gone on to become one of Australia’s top internationally touring physical theatre companies, with hundreds of performances throughout Asia, Europe, South America and Australasia. David has over twenty-five years’ experience as a physical performer / devisor, and has conceived and directed several of Stalker’s shows. His work has varied between solo performances, professional ensemble work, large and small scale community outreach projects and Olympic Opening Ceremonies. In 2007 he was awarded the Rex Camphorn Scholarship, New South Wales’s top theatre award for an outstanding lifelong commitment to innovative theatre.
  • Alejandro Rolandi is a visual and performing artist from Argentina. He has danced contact improvisation for the last 12 years, and has taught in Sydney since 2002. He has worked with Stalker, David Corbet, Jacob Lehrer, Force Majeure and the dance department at UNSW. In 2008 he toured with a Legs on the Wall performance at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Alejandro has had training in physical theatre, pantomime, acro-balance and circus, and is Director of Strings Attached Physical Theatre Company.
  • Peter Kennard is a percussionist, composer, producer and musical director with a career in theatre and musical performance spanning 20+ years and a Masters in Contemporary Improvisation from Macquarie University. He has contributed compositions, recorded soundtracks and musically directed live performance for over 100 productions for many of Sydney’s major theatre companies and high profile public events, festivals and celebrations, and has represented Australia for DFAT with the wellknown world/folk ensemble Sirocco. Compositions for theatre productions include: Stalker Theatre’s MirrorMirror, Red and Four Riders, Theatre of Image’s Snow on Mars (Sydney Festival 2011), Pixel and Friends (2008), and Mad, Bad and Spooky (Sydney Festival 2002). Peter has also composed for Legs on the Wall, Urban Theatre Projects, Powerhouse Youth Theatre and others.

Stalker Theatre is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, and by the NSW Government through Arts NSW.