[ISEA2013] Artists Statement: Alex Jung, Lian Loke & Dagmar Reinhardt — Interupted

Artists Statement

Perspex, timber, electronics

Architecture dissolves into a field of entities, part reef, part spider, part something else. Seeking sentience. Yet trapped in a morphological template, a skeleton without organs. The field hovers as the promise of new life forms, waiting for machinic sensation to free it from the constraints of servile functionality. When the occupants of the house are not around, remnants of the live action are replayed for the amusement of the now sentient furniture. Mischievous technology pokes its tongue at the futile rituals of humans. dissentienceproject.wordpress.com

  • Alexander Jung is a thinker and designer of Architecture; he was trained as draftsman, and worked internationally in Italy, Netherlands and Germany for large architecture companies. Jung received the Taut-Price, a distinction of the BDA Germany, in 2002 which was followed by the BDA MAX40-Price in 2010 for the Jones House. He was part of UN Studio (van Berkel und Bos) between 1998 and 2004. Jung currently teaches Architectural Communications and Master of Digital Architecture at The University of Sydney.
  • Lian Loke pursues an interdisciplinary creative practice across performance, installation and technology, with the body as a constant theme. She is a Senior Lecturer at the Design Lab, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, University of Sydney and co-founder of the Pork Collective, a group of artists working in performance installation in festival environments. She is currently training in the Bodyweather system of dance with De Quincey Co and has performed solo works in Platform 1 (2010), Platform 3 (2011) and 6 Women Dance (2013). Recent creative research collaborations include The Black Project and Gold with Dagmar Reinhardt, a series of works exploring new choreographic approaches to the intersection of bodies, computational materials and interactive, spatial environments.
  • Dagmar Reinhardt is an architect, academic and keen researcher of the emergent and unforeseen. She is the Lecturer of Digital Architecture at The University of Sydney, where she currently leads the Master of Digital Architecture Research, and coordinates Architectural Communications. Reinhardt received a postgraduate degree at Städelschule and holds a PhD by the University of Sydney that engaged the technological and affective potentials of a latent, performative, phenomenal architectural design; unfolding performance addressed as a latent potential embedded in design, through an organisational, structural, material expression of ‘unfigured’, non-finite form(ation), that develops in operation, stimulating sensation and experience. Reinhardt has lectured and taught at European and Australian Universities. Complimentary to the academic work, Reinhardt develops architecture as the principal of reinhardtjung architects, a research-led practice that develops architecture through buildings, installations and curatorial work, publications, academic education and research, which has been widely published and received a number of awards. reinhardt-jung.de