[ISEA2013] Curator Statement: Streaming Museum – ARTISTIC LICENSE IN SILICON VALLEY

Curator Statement

Streaming Museum launched an international tour of Artistic License in Silicon Valley at the ZERO1 Biennial Urban Screen, San Jose, California, in September 2012. The exhibition presents perceptions of global digital culture by seven internationally known contemporary artists: Michael Najjar, Sophie Kahn, Maurice Benayoun, Scott Draves, Multi-touch Barcelona, Ursula Endlicher, and Mark Amerika.

  • Streaming Museum┬áproduces and presents contemporary-themed exhibitions of international multi-media arts and related programs to a global audience via mobile devices, a network of big screens worldwide, and at cultural and public centres. The museum was founded in New York City by Nina Colosi. Since its launch on 7 continents on January 29, 2008 exhibitions have been viewed on screens in over 55 locations worldwide.