[ISEA2013] Artist Statement: Garth Paine – Meditations on Conversation

Artist Statement

Another cutting edge premiere for ISEA2013 – combining ancient religion and tradition with modern technology, this work is scored for Tibetan singing bowl robots and live flute, with multichannel surround-sound electronic processing and ambisonic field recordings made in Australia and Arizona. A meditation on being present in the landscape, the work is part of an ongoing enquiry into the ways in which we converse with nature. activatedspace.com
vimeo.com/60007421   vimeo.com/58322364

  • Garth Paine is currently the Interim Director of the School of Arts, Media and Engineering at Arizona State University, where he is also a Professor of Digital Sound and Interactive Media. He is particularly fascinated with sound as an exhibitable ‘object’. His work includes interactive responsive environments and music scores for dance, generated through real-time video tracking and bio-sensing, and has been shown extensively internationally, with exhibitions and performances in Europe, USA and Australia in 2012/13.

The artist would like to acknowledge the assistance of the Bundanon Trust. bundanon.com.au