[ISEA2013] Artist Statement: Katie Turnbull – Modern Vanitos

Artist  Statement

Katie Turnbull presents Modern Vanitos: an engaging animation work that mixes analogue and digital practices and is a contemporary version of a pre-cinema toy, resembling the zoetrope. ln this contemporary version, the images are the artist’s interpretation of modern day Vanitas, still life images in the tradition of memento mori. Symbols of life, death, time, globalisation, digital technology, communicatlons and transient ephemera are all represented. Drawing upon the morbid and religious overtones of the baroque Vanitas genre art, Turnbull’s images are a reminder of the transience of life.

  • Katie Turnbull is an Australian born artist working across video, installation and interactivity including app development. Interested in the experience of time, the intangible and the natural environment. Turnbull plays with contradictions within the act of seeing and looking, exploring this idea through the history of the moving image, psychology, computing, climate change and cosmology. She has an interest in collaboration and inter-disciplinary approaches, specifically the intersection of science and art.         katieturnbull.com