[ISEA2013] Artist Statement: Tega Brain – What the Frog’s Nose Tells the Frog’s Brain

Artist Statement

Part of an ongoing exploration of the production of environmental information, this work monitors electricity use within a public building and translates the information into an olfactory experience. Smell is a primal mode of communication from which it is difficult to be intellectually distanced; by manifesting electricity information in this way, the work not only explores the mechanics of perceiving information, but also suggests new possibilities for designing a more evocative human-infrastructure interface.

  • Tega Brain (Sydney, AU) is an interdisciplinary artist whose work re-imagines infrastructures, technologies and institutions that facilitate our interaction with the biophysical world. Coming from a background in environmental engineering, her practice is inherently interdisciplinary as it explores and rethinks issues of science and environmental engineering. She is interested in the creative and experimental use of technologies, and works across a wide range of time based media, sculpture and installation. tegabrain.com