[ISEA2012] Panel: Andres Burbano, Nina Czegledy, Ricardo Dal Farra, Ramón Guardans & Roger Malina – HEY HUMAN! WHAT SHOULD WE DO NOW ?

Panel Statement

How do you think we, the electronic artists, could and/or should contribute to the health of our environment? Do you have ideas and projects to propose? Do you have a working model that could be replicated? Each panelist is expected to contribute to the reflection, debate and promotion of projects and actions regarding our environment and our responsibility as human beings in trying to heal the deep wounds we can see all around us.

  • Andres Burbano, Artist, Colombia burbane.net
  • Nina Czegledy, Curator, Hungary/Canada
  • Ricardo Dal Farra, Professor and musician, Argentina/Canada
  • Ramón Guardans, Institut Cambó, Spain
  • Roger Malina, USA, astrophysicist