[ISEA2012] Artist Statement: Teri Rueb, Carmelita Topaha & Larry Phan – sound walk and spatialized sound composition

Artist Statement

Presented by the Santa Fe Art Institute

The concept of wilderness is heavily inflected with European meanings and associations, including domination of peoples and environments, yet every culture holds aside certain places and things that are explicitly left undefined, un-named, un-seen, un-touched, un-spoken. Drawing visitors out into the landscapes surrounding The lnstitute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, this GPS-based sound walk and spatialized sound composition explores the concept of wilderness and its shifting meanings across cultural contexts. A “visitor center’ and series of critical mappings are presented at the Santa Fe Art Institute and related exhibition spaces throughout the area.  larryphan.com/no-places-with-names-2012.html

  • Teri Rueb, USA,  is an artist whose work combines sound and site using mobile media. She is known for having established the form of GPS-based interactive installations, sometimes referred to as “locative media”, as early as 1997. Her works have received awards including a 2008 Prix Ars Electronica Award of Distinction in the Digital Musics category.  terirueb.net
  • Carmelita Topaha, USA
  • Larry Phan is a studio potter living and working in Kalispell. Montana, USA   larryphan.com