[ISEA2012] Artist Statement: Mick Lorusso – Micro-Macro Transfer Points (2012)

Artist Statement

presented by PLAND


In his artwork, Mick Lorusso focuses on the development of new ways to imagine energy and see it flow from the microscopic to the galactic scale. He looks to ecological, practical issues that address human necessities -such as renewable energy- asking, “What happens when we no longer have electricity? What other kinds of energy are there – physical, mental, spiritual, social? How do we tap into and fuel such energies without overexploiting?

PLAND (Practice Liberating Art through Necessary Dislocation) is a multidisciplinary organization that supports the development of experimental and research-based projects through a variety of on- and offsite programs. Headquartered off the grid in Tres Piedras, New Mexico, PLAND is a hands-on, exploratory approach to Do-It-Yourself alternative living.