[ISEA2011] Paper: Serhat Kut, Benachir Medjoub, Tuba Kocaturk & Riccardo Balbo – Mixed Reality: Emerging Spatial and Perceptive Experiences in Architectural Design

Design representation/visualization is a key to the design perception and communication and is essential for meaningful design development and collaborations. Novel computer-based representation/visualization techniques have the potential to radically change the process of architectural design to match more closely the formal aspirations of today architects. Among the new emerging digital and media technologies, Mixed or Augmented reality (MR/AR) has shown a great potential to represent and communicate design ideas in Architecture. In this paper we will explore the potential of mixed reality in the representation/perception and understanding of architectural design as a set of dynamic spaces that can be experienced. The dynamic representation will not concern only the 3D spaces but more widely the user experience, this will be done through a comparison of a pre-processed and a real time construction of narrative expressive spaces. These experiences have been implemented in architectural design studios that employs AR as a medium of representation/visualization.

  • Serhat Kut is a Ph.D. researcher at Istanbul Technical University, Turkey, studying in the field of architectural design and he is also working as a teaching reserach assistant at Istanbul Kultur University Department of Architecture.His main reseacrh interest is Augmented Reality and the experience of hybrid spaces. He also has studied and conducted Augmented Reality workshops at University Of Salford Digital Architectural Design M.Sc. programme for 6 months as a visiting researcher. He had his Bachelor degree in Architecture and M.Sc. Degree in the field of Urban Design form Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University.
  • Benachir Medjoub, University Of Salford, UK[
  • Tuba Kocaturk
  • Riccardo Balbo