[ISEA2011] Paper: Serhat Kut, Semra Aydinli & Arzu Erdem – Enhancing Spatial Experiences through Digitally Augmented Spaces: The Library+ Project


Augmented Reality (AR) is a term being used for a Computer Vision technology which enables overlaying 3d registered digital dynamic media on a physical space. This article will be undertaking this term in a trans-disciplinary approach to discuss the possibility of enhancing the experience of space through our bodies by augmenting it digitally in a 3d setting. The article will be searching for answers for the questions of reality and virtuality in terms of spatial experience and furthermore the question of how could the experience of space enhanced digitally in terms of body-space interaction and what might be the consequences of this change.

The authors will discuss the changes and new possibilities of spatial experience through digitally augmented spaces within the example of a Library. Library is a place of discovery containing limitless amount of hidden information which is waiting to be revealed and yet on the other hand most of the information is accessible only through catalogues which are either digital or conventional. Augmented Reality technology allows us to expose particular hints of the hidden information in the library by overlaying this information spatially to the existing physical library space. The new multilayered library space containing the digital and physical layers simultaneously is a hybrid space where the user may interact with the information spatially in a totally new understanding of space.

The Library+ project is a pilot study that has been experimented with undergraduate architecture students in order to discuss the questions above. Throughout the article the collected data from the pilot study by participant observation and firsthand experience and experiences of the architecture students will be interpreted and discussed intentionally to enable a further understanding of the spatial experience of digitally augmented spaces.

  • Serhat Kut is a Ph.D. researcher at Istanbul Technical University, Turkey, studying in the field of architectural design and he is also working as a teaching reserach assistant at Istanbul Kultur University Department of Architecture.His main reseacrh interest is Augmented Reality and the experience of hybrid spaces. He also has studied and conducted Augmented Reality workshops at University Of Salford Digital Architectural Design M.Sc. programme for 6 months as a visiting researcher. He had his Bachelor degree in Architecture and M.Sc. Degree in the field of Urban Design form Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University.
  • Semra Aydinli, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
  • Arzu Erdem 

Full text (PDF) p. 1446-1449