[ISEA2011] Paper: Eva Kekou – Network culture, media art: urban identity and cultural change dialectics


Session: City, Public Space and Mobile Technologies

Network culture is a broad sociocultural shift. Under network culture both art and everyday life take mediation as a given. Furthermore in our days networked connection replaces abstraction. Information is less the product of discrete procession units than the outcome of the networked relations between them, links between people,between machines and between machines and people. Although other ages have been networked, ours is the first modern age in which the network is the dominant organisational paradigm,supplanting centalized hierarchies. This paper is going to address the question of self in an intersubjective perspective that provileges connections between individuals, rather than separations, boundaries and borders.?It is also going to showcase a number of media art projects and discuss the relation between media art and network cultures. Furthermore it is going to investigate to which extent media art projects can relate to a new urban and cultural identity (from both artist’s and audience’s perspective).

  • Eva Kekou¬†¬†has a multidisciplinary background (literature, art history and political theory). She has been lecturing at various academic institutions worldwide. Her fields of expertise are locative media, psychogeography, interactive media and urban studies. She has presented and published at international conferences and has also curated exhibitions, workshops in Greece.