[ISEA2011] Keynote: Terrence Masson – Revolution. Excellence. Agility


Professionals and academics from every discipline are increasing their collaboration between film and game production around the world. This presentation will illustrate 20 years of personal examples in successful collaborations as well as exciting new trends. Based upon Masson’s 20 years of interdisciplinary experience working in films and games, and leading the new team-based game program at Northeastern University, this presentation will highlight how a collaborative approach effects the creative process and provides unique insights behind the scenes.

The video documentation of Terrence Masson’s keynote speech Revolution. Excellence. Agility at ISEA2011 is available online in six parts. Please click on the the following links for Part IPart IIPart IIIPart IVPart V, and Part VI.

  • Terrence Masson, USA, (born 1966). As Director of Creative Industries at Northeastern University in Boston, USA, Terrence oversees all undergraduate Game Design and Interactive Media curriculum and research activities. In addition to also building a new graduate game design program serves on and Chairs numerous committees developing University-wide team-based interdisciplinary projects. He is a member of the Producers Guild of America, the Visual Effects Society and has been active in SIGGRAPH since 1988, most recently as the 2006 Computer Animation Festival Chair and currently as SIGGRAPH 2010 Conference Chair. SHOTS magazine called Terrence “Possibly the most mobile practitioner in the CG industry” [Nov. 98]. With 20 years of very eclectic production experience, he has served his own consulting company “Digital Fauxtography” as a Creative Producer, Director and VFX Supervisor. Terrence came up through the ranks on about 20 feature films including three Star Wars movies, Hook, True Lies and Interview with a Vampire. He is also well known for single-handedly developing the original CG pipeline for SouthPark in 1996 and as the on-camera image analysis expert for the History Channel’s UFO Hunters. Interactive projects have included Cyberia2, SimCity4, Batman:  Dark Tomorrow, Alter Echo and the Xbox launch title Bruce Lee. As an award-winning Director & Producer his short animated film Bunkie & Booboo won first place in the World Animation Celebration in 1998. He currently is an active international lecturer and consults with major production studios world-wide.Terrence Masson : visualfx.com
    Creative Industries : Northeastern University northeastern.edu/ci
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