[ISEA2011] Curator Statement: Australian Centre of Virtual Art – UNCONTAINABLE: Terra Virtualis

Curator Statement

Nura Ziya Suites, Istanbul.

UNCONTAINABLE: Terra Virtualis brings together several allusions: both the past and future of Australia in relation to the rest of the world, and the notion of exploration that the linguistic pun on Terra Australis implies; Australia’s perceived position as an international leader in virtual art.  Virtual art locates and presents new points of potential, and forces new openings into actuality. The time of the contemporary is virtual time, and only virtual art can meet the challenges of our virtual times. Curator: the Australian Centre of Virtual Art. ARTISTS: Warren Armstrong & Andrew Burrell; Champagne Valentine (Anita Fontaine & Geoffrey Lillemon); Aroha Groves; Troy Innocent & Innae Hwang.

  • The Australian Center of Virtual Art was established in 2007 to help promote the work of selected artists working in digital, hybrid and virtual mediums.

Images (PDF) p.  p. 218-221

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.