[ISEA2011] Curator Statement: Ian Clothier – UNCONTAINABLE: Second Nature

Curator Statement

Taksim Cumhuriyet Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul.

The exhibition crosses cultural and discipline boundaries. A cultural bridge has been constructed, based on a framework of both Maori and European knowledge. Five themes from within European and Māori world views were located: cosmological context, all is energy, life emerged from water, anthropic principle and integrated systems. All the selected works address more than one of these thematic regions. CURATOR: IAN CLOTHIER with an advisory panel of Nina Czegledy, Trudy Lane and Tengaruru Wineera. ARTISTS: Sophie Jerram & Dugal McKinnon; Sonja van Kerkhoff & Sen McGlinn; Paul Moss; Julian Oliver; Michael Paulin; Julian Priest; Rachel Rakena; Lisa Reihana & James Pinker; Jo Tito; Te Huirangi Waikerepuru.

  • Ian Clothier (NZ) is Director of Intercreate Research Centre, Founder and Co-director of SCANZ residency, symposium and exhibition and Senior Academic at Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki New Zealand. His art projects intersect art, technology, science and culture. Recent creative projects include the integrated systems The Park Speaks and Haiku robots and the hybrid cultural Making History, a project of his internet micronation, The District of Leistavia. He has had thirteen solo shows and been selected for exhibition at institutions in twelve countries including three ISEA exhibitions – What If at Puke Ariki Museum New Zealand; ISEA2009 Belfast Ireland exhibition; Taranaki Culture at Puke Ariki; ISEA2008 Singapore symposium; net.NET at The JavaMuseum; for Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (upstate New York, USA); ISEA2006 San Jose exhibition; Graphite at the University of Otago NZ; the First International Festival of Electronic Art in Rio de Janeiro; Fair Assembly at ZKM; New Forms Festival in Vancouver; ıSEA2004 Tallinn/Helsinki exhibition; ReJoyce in Dublin and Wild 2002 in the Tasmanian Museum. He was awarded a Converge Artist Fellowship at the University of Canterbury in 2005 for an augmented reality project. Written work has been published in respected journals, Leonardo, Convergence and Digital Creativity and he has delivered papers to conferences and symposia worldwide. Curatorial experience includes the current exhibition; Inter:place at Puke Ariki Museum 2010; selection panel member for SCANZ 2011: Eco sapiens; SCANZ 2009: Raranga Tangata; Solar Circuit Aotearoa New Zealand 2006; WITT-wide an exhibition covering work by staff of all departments of Taranaki’s Institute of Technology at Taranaki in 2009; Interactive City selection panel for ISEA2006; and several gallery positions held between 1984 and 1992.  intercreate.org

Full text and images (PDF) p. 178-185