[ISEA2011] Artists Statement: Sophie Jerram & Dugal McKinnon – Te Kore

Artists Statement

We work from the Maori concept of Te Kore, the void of potential, as the moment before the universe began. The breath bridges the sacred and the everyday.

  • Sophie Jerram works in video, audio and through intervention, finding meaning through negotiation between the phatic and the prized. She also works as a curator and is the co-director of the New Zealand programme Letting Space, which concerns artistic occupation of commercial and commons sites (based in Wellington NZ).
  • Dugal McKinnon is a composer of electronic, instrumental and multimedia work, a sound artist and a writer on contemporary music. He is the director of the Lilburn Electroacoustic Music Studios at the New Zealand School of Music (Wellington, NZ). Together Dugal and Sophie direct Now Future, an organisation founded in 2009 to foster interdisciplinary research and production at the intersection of art and ecology.

Full text and images (PDF) p.  186-187