[ISEA2011] Artists Statement: Joel Louie, Jan L.Andruszkiewicz, Bryan J.Mather, Kevin Raxworthy, Julian Stadon & Paul Thomas – Weather Inflections

Artists Statement

Weather Inflections is an interactive audio installation that collects weather readings from Perth, Australia and converts temperature, humidity, air quality, CO2, CO and ambient light data into a visceral soundscape. Supported by Curtin University of Technology (Perth, Austra lia) & College of Fine Art, University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia)

  • Joel Louie is a PhD Candidate at Curtin University. Joel’s research and creative practice seek to explore how our relationship to computing technology is effected and affected through mediation with embodied interaction modalities.
  • Jan L. Andruszkiewicz completed a BA, Fine Art at Curtin University and a Bachelors degree in Computer Science at Edith Cowan University. He has recently completed an MPhil in Creative Arts at Curtin University.
  • Bryan J. Mather is a polymath with two specific fields of expertise, Information Technology and Fine Art, and since 1981 he has alternated between these two careers.
  • Kevin Raxworthy is senior technician in the Studio of Electronic Arts at Curtin University of Technology. Kevin has recently completed an MA in Electronic Art.
  • Julian Stadon completed BA Fine Arts and MA Electronic Arts at Curtin University. Currently working as associate lecturer for Open Universities Australia, as Web Development and e-learning researcher for Curtin Art Online and as RA for NOMAD.
  • Paul Thomas currently holds a joint position as Head of Painting at the College of Fine Art, University of New South Wales and Head of Creative Technologies, Centre for Culture and Technology, Curtin University of Technology.

Full text and images (PDF) p.  286-289