[ISEA2011] Artists Statement: Pieter Verhees & Johannes Westendorp – Inside Mount Lu

Artists Statement

Inside Mount Lu will drop you in a borderland between discovery and creation. you will be challenged to create a transition from functional sound towards expression and perhaps even to a musical experience

  • Pieter Verhees composes artworks, performances and installations in the real and digital domains from the disciplines of drama, sculpture and mechanics. Fascinated by the way we interpret ourselves and how we relate to our environment, his artworks can be engaged and political like the project Theatre of War or they can be intimate, poetic and contemplative as in Blikkensteler. He searches for a state of transformation, when a sensation or thought reveals something new and blocks the way back. With composer Johannes Westendorp, he developed inside Mount Lu, an interactive music composition in which participants enter a sonic world and use sound as a means to navigate or as a contribution to a musical composition.
  • Johannes Westendorp studied guitar at the music conservatories of Tilburg (Netherlands) and Gent (Belgium). In 2010 he completed his studies with a Master Artistic Research at the University of Amsterdam. He is part of the electric guitar quartet Zwerm. He designs unreliable musical instruments using them in performances such as Tijdwerk, Obstructie and Hoquetus.

Full text and images (PDF) p.  114-115