[ISEA2011] Artists Statement: Esther Polak & Ivar van Bekkum – Spiral Drawing Sunrise

Artists Statement

The energy of the morning is fluid. It grows stronger and warmer over time. A small machine manages to catch up and translate this orbit and its daily differences. Polak and Bekkum are interested in how technology determines (visual) perception. In their practice they focus on landscape and mobility. They use GPS and other technologies to approach and depict landscape and (the use of) space in a new way. Their visualizations are digital as well as physical.

  • Esther Polak (born 1962) studied graphic art and mixed media at the Rijksacademie, The Hague, NL.
  • Ivar van Bekkum (born 1965) studied journalism (Zwolle, NL) and worked as a graphic designer.

Full text and images (PDF) p.  94-97