[ISEA2011] Artists Statement: Bello Benischauer & Elisabeth Eitelberger – ART IN PROCESS

Artists Statement

We critically engage with a number of issues/behaviours specific to cross-cultures and consumer culture in our work and develop projects that use new media/technology as a fusing and transmitting element.

  • Bello Benischauer is an independent artist (Australia/Austria) and co-founder of ART IN PROCESS, working across installation, video and performance art. Developing his practice through artistic partnerships around the world, he found his own language, presented through numerous installations and art projects that aim for a critical social engagement on different levels with his audience. All his digital work is distributed by CAM Contemporary Arts Media. He toured a solo-exhibition in Australia from 2008 to 2011 and developed many AIR projects internationally, recently in Vienna and Sydney. He created a Commissioned Work for the LIA Lab Inter Arts, Mozarteum University Salzburg in 2010.
  • Elisabeth M. Eitelberger (Australia/Austria) is an independent artist and co-founder of ART IN PROCESS with artist Bello Benischauer, an independent entity since 2000. Elisabeth’s part involves performance acts, voice works and writing short abstract plays, as well as independent research on theoretical questions concerning ART IN PROCESS practice and context. She received her Master of Arts from the University of Vienna and is currently writing an artistic monograph about ART IN PROCESS.

Full text and images (PDF) p.  42-45