[ISEA2011] Paper: Camille Carol Baker – Video Tactility


This paper will discuss new research involving repurposing the mobile phone from a textual and voice device to a more multi-modal, synaesthetic, and tactile performance and expression device. This new work seeks new ways for individuals to express themselves in intimate, visual and non-verbal ways – akin to sending remote ‘touch’ messages, immediately ‘known’ or intuitively understood at a pre-conscious level – to create a direct tactile route to interpersonal communication. The project develops novel ways to repurpose mobile phones, wearable technologies, video and textiles, for different or fresh approaches to expression, in as close to physical means as possible.  This would use both with the mobile connection and wearable, tactile interaction. Ideally, there would be an exchange, a way to reply to mobile message sender. This creates not only a one-way connection from phone to body but a non-verbal, embodied, multi-sensory dialogue. Thus, this research explores how to relay the “felt experience” or touch sensation back through wearable biofeedback devices in the garment, to send back a reply directly from the garment, as well as through the recipient’s mobile phone.

This project will draw upon the visual material in the mobile users’ environment and any imagery they think relevant or essential. It will investigate sensory experience, conceptual and interaction and facilitation of the physiological experiences of emotion in the body and brain. This ‘tactile video’ exploration, however, will develop a new or specific video vocabulary or symbolic lexicon to express with, to construct video ‘sentences’ or ‘utterances’ then translated into a distance touch or embrace. The intention is to create a more structured semiotic method for people with physical, verbal or linguistic limitations to use for more personal purposes and have a more embodied, tactile and visual means of messaging.

  • Camille Carol Baker is an artist-performer/researcher/curator within various art forms: interactive and performance installation, music composition and performance, video art, web animation, and experience design. Baker has recently completed a PhD project called MINDtouch through the SMARTlab Digital Media Institute, involving social mobile VJing in mobile performance media. Her other research interests include: media art, live cinema, performance and interactive media, responsive environments, interactive installation, telematics, media curating and networked communities. Camille has presented at the Low Lives 3, online performance event Salt Lake City, Utah,  USA April 29, 2011;  Digital Stages Performance Festival 2011, London; DHRA Conference 2010, Brunel University, London; EVA Conference 2010 London; TEXTURES, SLSAe 6th  Annual Conference, Riga, Latvia, 2010; ISEA 2009 Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK; Performing Presence Conference, Exeter 2009; MobileFest in Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 2008; FilMobile Conference and Exhibition, London, April 2008; The New Forms Festival 2006: TRANSFORMATIONS, ArtCamp: un-Conference on Art, Vancouver, Canada; The Planetary Collegium’s Consciousness Reframed 2004: Qi and Complexity Conference, Beijing, China, November 2004; SXSW 2002 Interactive Award Finalist in Austin, Texas, USA, 2002.  swampgirl67.net

Full text (PDF) p. 180-186 [somewhat different title]