[ISEA2011] Paper: Roland Cahen & Marie-Julie Bourgeois – Crossing foliage: Activation profile for audio-graphic navigation in foliage clusters


An analytical and experimental approach of activations profiles for audio-graphic navigation in foliage clusters.

The paper is part of the Topophonie research project, the aim to which is navigation within audio-graphic clusters. Clusters are wide ranges of objects of the same class. By Audio-graphic we mean synchronized audio and graphic object behaviour, both modalities been implemented in a single action.

Among the various examples of these kinds of objects, such as rain, flocks, grains etc, this paper focuses on foliage. We have selected two main audio and visual behaviour in order to find a good and costless way to simulate: the wind and a character crossing foliage.

This paper presents the work of designers and sound designers. It is an experimental approach, where we have tried to analyse the audio-graphic characteristics of foliage through video and simple simulation models. Within the project we are working on the concept of activation profile. An activation profile is a simple way to represent active and shaped event triggers. We needed to be sure that this concept was perceptible. Therefore, we have compared the user experience relative to two different symbolic activation profiles: a point for a character and a line for the wind.

Full text (PDF) p. 251-256 [title somewhat different]