[ISEA2011] Panel: Clau­dia Costa Ped­er­son & Arzu Ozkal – De­c­la­ra­tion of Sen­ti­ments/Gün (DOS/G)

Panel Statement

Panel: Short:Circuit:  Cross Border Communications in New Media Between US and Turkey

De­c­la­ra­tion of Sen­ti­ments/Gün in­ter­ro­gates cur­rent per­cep­tions of dig­i­tal cul­ture net­works as a new, tech­nol­ogy-based phe­nom­e­non, male dom­i­nated, and lo­cated ex­clu­sively in the West­ern do­main. The pro­ject con­sists of a se­ries of events tak­ing place and off line for nine months with a group of women artists, schol­ars and ac­tivists work­ing within Turkey and transna­tion­ally. The pro­ject ad­vances the con­tri­bu­tions of Turk­ish women to dig­i­tal cul­ture by way of con­nect­ing tra­di­tional women’s cul­ture, in this case in the form of the gün (the Turk­ish term for reg­u­lar and in­for­mal meet­ings gath­er­ing women friends for con­vivial and cre­ative pur­poses) with the work of women cur­rently using new tech­nolo­gies to ad­dress ques­tions of iden­tity, cul­tural and po­lit­i­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tion from a local (Turk­ish) and a global per­spec­tive.  The Gün is sched­uled to co­in­cide with ISEA and with the Is­tan­bul bi­en­nial this year. I will be pre­sent­ing on the re­sult­ing doc­u­men­ta­tion of De­c­la­ra­tion of Sen­ti­ments/Gün in the form of a lim­ited edi­tion art book and its par­al­lel open plat­form ver­sion on­line.

  • Clau­dia Costa Ped­er­son
  • Ass. Prof. Arzu Ozkal is a Turkish born media artist and designer. Her practice engages with different interpretations of the body and its relationship to the environment. She raises questions about dogmas, traditions, laws, and patriarchal value systems through videos, public interventions and performances. Ozkal received her MFA from the Department of Visual Studies at University at Buffalo (SUNY) and BFA from Bilkent University. Her work has been exhibited broadly in exhibitions and festivals nationally and internationally. Prior to joining San Diego State University in Fall 2011, she spent three years on the faculty of the Art Department at Oberlin College teaching new media practices. contrary.info