[ISEA2011] Paper: Asim Evren Yantaç & Oguzhan Özcan – Considering User Specific Design Criteria Gathered From a Participatory Design Study: A Case Study on Designing Icons for an Info-Assistant System Interface


This paper takes on a research on two sub-questions:

  1. How effective cultural factors can be in the design process of icons to be used in info-assistant system interface?
  2. How can these factors be transformed  into usable data by for the designer?

In the present cross cultural studies, the results of the tests applied to user groups have only been subject to evaluation but not established into design. However, our research looks for concepts through surveys applied to user groups, which are turned into designs with a participatory evaluation study, and finally presented to user groups again via control tests. In the end, all the data collected from three studies are turned into design guidelines for future studies. In the pilot study carried out, design guidelines have been established by a certain group of designers at the end of the first stage in which 210 users participated, and designs have been realized according to these guidelines. And the study resulted with %10 percent increase in user success.

  • Dr. Asim Evren Yantaç. After working for Addvertisement Agencies for somewhile, he started his academic career with research assistant position for interactive media design program of Yildiz Technical University. Following the research assistant position in the program, he has been working as a teaching fellow for this leading program for the interactive media design field in Turkey. He finished PhD by the beginning of 2010 and continuing his research studies in Yıldız Technical University.  Research Interest: Interactive Media Design, Information Visualisation, Creative methods for UX, Sound for Interaction, Information Visualization for Augmented Reality Interfaces.   ku.academia.edu/asimevrenyantac
  • Oguzhan Özcan is  specialised in interactive design education and practice. He is supervising a number of research projects, publications and book contribution relating to interactivity and design art. He was awarded a UNESCO Aschberg Fellow in 2003. Currently he is supervising  several industrial research  for  international  companies i.e. Imagination Studious, Upsalla,  VOLVO CE and VESTEL Electronics.

Full text (PDF) p. 2626-2630 [different title]