[ISEA2011] Paper: Asim Evren Yantaç & Oguzhan Ozcan – Natural Objects and Gesture Based Interaction: Search for Creativity in Design Education


Nowadays ubiquitous computing, wearable electronics and multi touch technologies made “gesture based interaction” one of the core subjects of interactive media design field. Lots of designers and researchers are trying to find creative solutions for gesture based interfaces and most of these are based on real life gestures. This will help the users with predictability, WYSIWYG and lead to more usable interfaces. The problem is that the wide use of these standard gestures will be limiting creativity in interaction design. For this reason in the Interactive Media Design Department in Yildiz Technical University, we have been concentrating on imaginary natural interactions for random natural objects with our students since 2008. We asked the students to imagine how a natural object like an aubergine would react if it encounters an unforeseen action, and they developed the actions of the object. 80 students participated in 2 years time and we realised that this study helped the students understand interactivity in a better way, and design authentic interaction solutions in later semesters.

  • Dr. Asim Evren Yantaç. After working for Addvertisement Agencies for somewhile, he started his academic career with research assistant position for interactive media design program of Yildiz Technical University. Following the research assistant position in the program, he has been working as a teaching fellow for this leading program for the interactive media design field in Turkey. He finished PhD by the beginning of 2010 and continuing his research studies in Yıldız Technical University.  Research Interest: Interactive Media Design, Information Visualisation, Creative methods for UX, Sound for Interaction, Information Visualization for Augmented Reality Interfaces.   ku.academia.edu/asimevrenyantac
  • Oguzhan Ozcan, Koc University, Department of Media and Visual Art, Design Lab. Istanbul, Turkey.  Oguzhan Ozcan is specialised in interactive design education and practice. He is supervising a number of research projects, publications and book contribution relating to interactivity and design art. He was awarded a UNESCO Aschberg Fellow in 2003. Currently he is supervising  several industrial research  for  international  companies i.e. Imagination Studios, Upsalla, VOLVO CE and VESTEL Electronics.

Full text (PDF) p. 2626-2630 [somewhat different title]