[ISEA2011] Paper: Anita McKeown – Towards (Co-authoring) Communitas: The facilitation of becoming through the use of technology within public/community arts practice


In Aristolian Philosophy the process of change from a lower level of potentiality to the higher level of actuality is known as becoming. Maslow  refers to this process as self-actualisation, or to become more and more of what one is or capable of becoming.

The paper will firstly outline the importance of liminal spaces for this process through an introduction to Jungian psychology and the concept of individuation and Maslow’s heirarchy and self-actualisation.

The paper will then consider the  potential of Digital Media, particularly open source software / culture within public / community arts practice for its potential to contribute to this process, through its inherent liminal qualities and the liminal spaces it can create.

  • Anita McKeown, SMARTlab, University College Dublin, Ireland

Full text (PDF) p. 1691-1695 [slightly different title]