[ISEA2011] Panel: Willem Velthoven – Why we love Aliens

Panel Statement

Panel: East & West                                                                                                                                Institutional Presentation

Me­dia­matic’s core focus is on art and new tech­nolo­gies. Yet a re­cur­ring theme in our pro­gram­ming is non-dutch / non-west­ern ex­changes. Velthoven will demon­strate how this is a log­i­cal com­bi­na­tion.

  • Willem Velthoven (1958) stud­ied art his­tory and vi­sual com­munca­tion in Gronin­gen, NL, where he also was one of the founders of Me­dia­matic. He is still lead­ing this or­gan­i­sa­tion that is now based in Am­s­ter­dam, NL.